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This year, HOPE Run For H2O is supporting all of HOPE’s water work around the world. Through community driven planning, a holistic approach ensures the full benefit of clean water extends to every family. In 2019, HOPE helped bring 138 communities clean water. That's 374,800 lives transformed by access to clean and readily available water.

So, Why Water?

Clean water is often the first step communities will take to end extreme poverty. Access to clean water fundamentally changes the lives of an entire community and enables families to plan for a hopeful future. 

Because water changes everything.

With water, women save the time they spent walking and can spend it earning income to create opportunity for their families. 

With water, the youngest brother, the one who is constantly sick, will celebrate his birthday as a healthy five-year old. 

With water, that boy's father can grow enough crops to feed their family and sell some at the market for a profit.

With water, families will not endure sickness from the very thing they need to survive.

So, why water? Because where there is water, there is life.

the process

HOPE’s work is  community driven & built on the foundation of community ownership. Every water system begins with the entire community gathering. A “Water Committee” composed of community leaders is selected by the community to oversee the planning, construction and maintenance of the water system. Another group of community members works with HOPE to provide hygiene education to help families be their healthiest while enjoying new access to clean water.   

Throughout the entire process, everywhere HOPE is doing water work, communities are provided with the training and tools to be able to maintain the water system in the future & get the greatest benefit possible. This way HOPE ensures that the impact you make today lasts a lifetime.

Hope's water projects


In 2020, HOPE is helping to bring clean water to communities in 10 different countries across Africa, the Americas and Asia. Though the process of community ownership is the same across all initiatives, the water systems can look very different country-to-country.

When groundwater is available, a deep hole is dug until water is reached. Then, a cement well is built with a hand pump at the top to easily pull clean water up from the ground. But groundwater isn’t the only source, sometimes springs are located high in the hills and water needs to be brought down to community selected access points. 

In these cases, pipes are laid into trenches that carry water from the spring, downhill to the community. Clean water pours from a faucet by using only the force of gravity to pump it. Some communities will use gravity fed water systems to pump water into storage tanks to ensure their taps never run dry. Often, to preserve the quality of the water, a cement “cap” will be built over the spring to stop any debris or bacteria from entering into the water. ​

HOPE is dedicated to bringing clean water to communities, no matter the route it must take to get there.


Clean water is just one very important way that HOPE works with people around the world to help them break out of the cycle of poverty. HOPE International Development Agency exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the most in need communities of the developing world. This is done through self-help activities that put the development of a community into the hands of its members. This includes education and health care support,  initiatives related to food security like agriculture, seed & animal banks, as well as livelihood training through Self Help groups. HOPE strives to challenge, educate, and involve Canadians in development issues, encouraging them to consider their role in ensuring dignity for communities around the world.

Every year HOPE donors support between 50 to 65 initiatives in as many as 20 countries worldwide.To learn more, visit

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